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events and celebrations

Celebrating your birthday, anniversary, childbirth, graduation, wedding, or any special event? Let’s capture those beautiful moments as you celebrate and create a memorable story you can share with friends and families and also retain for posterity.

business explainers and promotional videos

Tell about your business, idea, or products in a captivating and intriguing way, capturing the minds of your target audiences with mind-blowing visuals, boosting your sales, while growing your business and brand.

filming across the world

Have something you want to share with the world? The story of your success journey, events and celebrations, your achievements chronicled in amazing video reels? We’ll go with you anywhere and  help you capture and make those beautiful memories stay alive and last a life time and beyond.


global stock footage

Whatever the need, whatever the action or event, we can help you get Royalty-Free Stock Footage for it.

freelance requests

Need to hire a freelancer for a video or movie project? We are your go-to team any day, any where any time.

professional video editors

Already have your video files? Get the best hands to professionally edit and bring your video project to live.

video script writers

We are specialist in writing captivating video scripts that converts to jaw-droppingly visuals.

Closed captions & subtitles

Closed Captioning and Subtitles in any language, for any project, whatever the length.

video voice overs

Get a voice over for your video project in any language, accent, and style of your choice. E.g. Australian English Accent Corporate Style.

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Where you'll get the perfect freelance services for your business

Fiverr.com is a freelance platform where buyers meet sellers online to purchase digital services. We are one of Fiverr’s best video editors and have worked for several clients across all continents. Exclusively on Fiverr.com, you’ll get from us amazing offers and pocket-friendly deals.

Working with Vic and his team was a phenomenal experience yet again! This was my second time working together, and Vic is incredibly responsive, fast, and delivers very high quality work. I will continue using Vic's service as long as I need videos done. Thank you again!

Join our many satisfied clients

We make it our mission to give our client’s 100% satisfactory service delivery and we are not slacking. We have many out there talking about our service delivery, recommending us to others and also coming back for more. We know you are special and will treat you nothing short of that. We’re excited to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Do Live Video Shooting?

YES we do! We also have a large collection of paid premium royalty-free stock videos we can use to make your videos. We'll get the right videos to interpret your script and create an engaging video for you

Do You Provide Voice Overs In Your Videos?

Yes we do. We can provide you with a voice over recording for the video in any gender, accent and style of your choice in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, German, French and many other languages.

Do You Make Videos In Other Languages?

Yes we do. We've made several videos in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, German and many more. We can also sync your videos with the voice over of any language you want.

Do You Write Scripts?

Yes we do. If you do not have a script we'll help you create one from a draft (if you have any) or from the scratch (If you don't have one). If you already have a script, we can help you edit and enhance it if you want us to.

Can You Work With Any Material I Provide?

Yes we can. If you already have your voice over or a video, image, logo and so on, we can work with what you provide and perfect it to what you want

Can You Work On Locations I Choose?

Yes. We can work anywhere you choose as your location for the shoots. We can also work with a crew and actors or actresses you choose .

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